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Bench Grinder Stone Wheel

The bench Grinder Stone Wheel is an outstanding alternative to get your ground meat to your sandwich style way! Two Grinder style Wheel on each side that offer 2 x6 emory style ground meat, the court edge is fine ground and the arbor coarse grit is 12% salt, all at your convenience.

3'' Grinding Stone Wheel 70x18x10mm Abrasive Disc for Bench Grinder Metal Craft

3'' Grinding Stone Wheel 70x18x10mm

By Unbranded/Generic


Best Bench Grinder Stone Wheel

This 2-pc 8 emory style bench Grinder Stone Wheel 1 wide x 34 arbor will get you to the job well done in no time at all! With a fine grit, you'll be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently, this bench Grinder is designed for dresser grinding by pressing down the Wheel on a belt drive belt grinder. The grinding Wheel is 12" in circumference and the Stone is of t type diamond dresser grinding Wheel Stone type, the dresser Grinder tools include a machete cord, chisel, and chisels. This bench Grinder Stone Wheel is sterling for an individual that wants a new or used bench grinder, this Wheel extends two inches of fiberglass content in it, which gives the Grinder some extra power. The fiberglass content also makes it resistant to build up and make for a more smooth and durable grinder, this bench Grinder is a top-grade practical diamond dresser tool that can be used for grit, sand and Stone grinding. The Grinder presents a circular grater for ground up ingredients and the Stone is fabricated of durable and long lasting leather, this bench Grinder is excellent for a shopper who wants to get the most out of their grinding.